Shifman - Saturn

Shifman - Saturn

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Shifman Vintage mattress sets offer superior quality and deluxe surface comfort.

Two-sided construction

Firm Tension

Made in USA

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SATURN features:


  • TWO-SIDED mattress: allows the mattress to be flipped for long-lasting comfort and ultimate durability.

  • HAND-TUFTED: an intricate process that locks all padding in place to eliminate shifting and bunching.

    Comfort Layers (each side):

  • 4 layers of NATURAL COTTON: provides a natural cooling effect in the summer and warming effect in winter.

  • Plush DACRON TOPPER: a double layer of polyester fiber creates a plush surface.

    Deluxe Innerspring Support

  • 450 COILS, 12 1/2 gauge hi-profile double offset spring: coils contour to the body providing long-lasting comfort and support.


Premium hand-crafted support system with FirmaEdge

  • 9 1/2 Gauge, 8-Way Hand Tied: Hourglass shaped upholstery coils tied by hand respond independently providing strong, flexible support, maximizing comfort, and reducing wear and tear on the mattress, plus additional edge support.