Downright Logana 800+ Siberian White Goose Down - Medium Pillow

Downright Logana 800+ Siberian White Goose Down - Medium Pillow

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Downright Logana 800+ Siberian White Goose Down

The Logana comforter pairs the softest Batiste fabric with a choice of Downright's very best 800+ Siberian White Goose Down. The Batiste fabric is known for its smoothness, delicacy, and especially light weight. The 360 thread count and the soft and light fabric- woven by Germany’s finest mill-allows the down to loft to its maximum fill power.

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  • 800+ Siberian White Goose Down Comforter & Pillow

  • 360 thread Count, 100% Cotton Batiste

  • Finest European Shell

  • Comforter has Baffled Box Construction 

  • Comforter Available in Summer, Winter, & All-Year Weight

  • Pillows Available in Soft, Medium, Firm

  • Guaranteed Hypoallergenic Down


Choosing the right pillow is essential to having a good night’s rest. Your specific sleeping style will determine the firmness of your pillow.

Stomach sleepers prefer a soft pillow that cushions and supports the head and neck gently, while allowing the head to sink into the perfect level.

Back sleepers prefer a medium density pillow that positions the head and neck in line with the natural curvature of the spine.

Side sleepers prefer a firm pillow that provides more support and positions the head, neck, and shoulders in harmonious horizontal alignment.