Magniflex Diamante

Magniflex Diamante

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  • Level of comfort: Medium soft, Super soft

  • Height: 14''

  • Cover: Outlast®, Viscose

  • Certifications: OEKO-TEX®, MADE IN ITALY, CE

  • Internal structure: Memoform, Magnigel Foam, Magnifoam Elioform, Super Soft Fiber, Magnifoam Eliosoft

  • Benefits: Thermo regulating, Extra comfort, Breathable, Embracing

  • Support: Gentle

  • Extra: Dual core layer, World-class, MEDICAL DEVICE cert.

  • 20 -Years warranty

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The Supremo collection is an elegant and sophisticated edition created for those who are uncompromising in their search for maximum relaxation. Supremo collection with seven layers of natural and innovative materials including the renowned Memoform, Magnigel Foam, Elioform and Eliosoft offers incomparable comfort. The Dual Core plate, which is divided into two separate elements, enables the mattress to be turned over effortlessly and provides a form of support that responds to different comfort levels. A luxurious Outlast® fabric cover guarantees maximum breathability and heat regulating benefits enabling its user to sleep in a perfect micro climate.  

OUTLAST® is a heat-regulating fabric especially designed for astronauts’ space suits which contains millions of spheres made from a special wax that melts at a temperature of 36 degrees. When the night time temperature of the body rises, the excess heat is absorbed but when the temperature drops below the melting point, the spheres regain their shape and firmness and release the accumulated heat.

Magniflex Dual Core

Magniflex Dual Core